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PCC Election

29 April 2016

York Green Party statement on the upcoming PCC election on 5 May.

Bus cuts

27 April 2016

Information on the proposed cuts to bus routes

Community Stadium

02 April 2016

Speech giving the Green Party's reasons for opposing the plan for the Community Stadium in it's current form. But there are some pretty alarming statements in the paper approved by Executive. The whole thing reads like the triumph of hope – or perhaps desperation – over the evidence.

Green Party joins “progressive” EU alliance for referendum campaign

31 March 2016

The Green Party of England and Wales is to formally affiliate itself with Another Europe is Possible in a bid to maximise the support of progressives for an In vote at the 23 June EU referendum.

Green Party motion to Council

31 March 2016

The Green Party presented a motion to Council on TTIP, and the need to assess its potential impact on York. This was preceded by protest outside the hall jointly organised with York against TTIP and the People's Assembly.

Greens propose support for local democracy and economy

23 March 2016

York Council’s Green Group motion to Council tomorrow (Thursday 24 March) asks fellow council members to back local democracy and the York economy.

Green Group motion to City Council on TTIP

23 March 2016

TTIP will be extremely damaging to democratic life and our ability to control what happens in York. The motion calls upon the Council to write to the government expressing our concerns and to investigate the potential impact on the City.

Green Councillors - activity

01 March 2016

Some of the activity of Green councillors including: Divestment from fossil fuels, Tackling urban geese, Fighting air pollution.

Live streaming of Green Party Conference from Harrogate

24 February 2016

Live streaming of Green Party Conference from Harrogate

York Green Party Budget response

23 February 2016

York Green Party Budget response

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