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Call for rethink on airport advert spending

15 September 2013

The Labour Cabinet recently announced a decision to spend an initial £85,000 on marketing the city at the airport, with a possible further three instalments of £75,000 over the next three years.

Green Councillors Andy D'Agorne and Dave Taylor, along with Liberal Democrat Group Leader Cllr Keith Aspden called-in the decision for further review.

The issue was considered at a special meeting of the cross-party Corporate Scrutiny Management Committee next Monday. Dave Taylor said:

"This is an expensive and unfocussed campaign which will not represent value-for-money for our residents.  York Inward Investment Board used to have one poster at the airport, in the Business Lounge, costing £2,000 a year, but dropped that expenditure when budgets became tight. 

People do not, frankly, look for this sort of information on boards at an airport.  It is scandalously naïve and amateurish to think that they do so. The Council needs to target its approach and work smarter with less money."

Councillor Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat Group Leader, commented:

"With a budget deficit of £3.7 million and ongoing cuts to frontline services it seems extraordinary that Labour can find £85,000 to spend on a speculative marketing campaign at Leeds Bradford Airport. The priority at them moment should be to deliver the services that matter most to residents in York, not to fritter money away on half-baked schemes like this."

As well as the needless expense, the call-in pointed out that despite claims by the Cabinet Leader in July 2012 that he was “in negotiations to secure direct transport links between the Airport and York”, there is still currently no link.

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