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Council reneges on promises over elderly care

5 June 2013

Green Party Chair Denise Craghill addressed the Council Cabinet yesterday to speak out against the decision to privatise Council care homes for the elderly.

A consultation carried out in 2011 found that 86% of York residents said they wanted to keep the staffing of the homes within the Council - a result that wasn't made a prominent part of the Council's publicity on the review. In May 2012, the Labour Council recomended that of the two major care homes planned as a result of the review the council fund, build and operate one at Fordlands in Fulford and in principle operate the other at Haxby Hall, "subject to financial circumstances in Autumn 2013".

Now, however, the Council has reneged even on this, and is now looking for a single provider or consortium to build and operate both care homes.

As Denise said to the Cabinet: "There is widespread evidence that rates of pay and terms and conditions of employment are dramatically lower in the private sector. This is not only an extremely bad example to set for a Council which claims to be committed to improving the quality of local employment, it is also likely to impact on the future quality of care. Staff paid less for longer hours, inadequate holiday, training, sick pay and shift allowances and inadequate pensions can be forgiven for being less motivated and indeed unable to provide the level of service they would like to."

According to the Council's report, in order to keep within budget the tender price will need to kept towards the lower end of the estimated cost range. As Denise points out, "even before the tenders are in there are indications that corners will have to be cut."

"If corners are cut and quality is not maintained, many people will ask why it is ok to borrow millions of pounds to spend on paving in the city centre, but not acceptable to provide adequate funding for the highest possible levels of care for our vulnerable elderly citizens."

You can see Denise speaking at the Cabinet meeting on the webcast of the meeting (at about 28 minutes in).

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