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Green group leader lambasts lack of council democracy

22 July 2013


In a piece for York Mix Councillor Andy D'Agorne has criticised the leadership of York City Council for continuing to suppress democracy at council meetings.

Despite there being plans for the meetings to be webcast, cabinet members' unnecessarily long speeches in favour of reports prevented the motions and amendments put by opposition groups from being debated.

Writing in York Mix Cllr D'Agorne said:'[Full Council] should be at the heart of our democratic process with key issues decided in a public arena where the electorate can witness democracy in action. Instead it feels more like political pantomime.'

He Continued, 'Motions on congestion on the Outer Ring Road, consultation on the Local Plan, the ‘bedroom tax’ and Green Jobs were not even proposed and seconded but simply voted on without debate according to the party lines of the assembled councillors.

A petition of more than a 1,000 signatures generates a half hour debate, yet no provision for a vote on the issue!'

The full article can be viewed here: York council: pantomime or democracy?



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