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Labour Councillors block debate on Green anti-privatisation proposal

28 February 2013

At the City of York Council budget meeting on Thursday evening the Labour party conspired to prevent the Green Party from debating the ever increasing privatisation of the city's services by preventing them the time to discuss their budget amendment.

The Green Party amendment would have prevented the privatisation of elderly care services, prevented skilled library staff from being replaced by volunteers and created a locally owned energy company that would create jobs and generate revenue for the council.

Cllr Andy D'Agorne said, "Labour have shown their true colours. They are scared of debating the privatisation of elderly care as their own consultation proved that the public agrees strongly with us and not with them."

He continued, "privatising care decreases standards and can lead to huge costs in the long term. This is why the public opposes it and this is why we oppose it."

Cllr Dave Taylor added, "The only thing that remains of Labour's socialist heritage is the fact they wear a red tie to budget council. Their contempt for democracy is disgusting."

Labour fully perverted the democratic process by extending the debate on the Tory and Lib Dem amendments and allocating time for rambling speeches that even the Lord Mayor challenged as irrelevant to the item under discussion. When time was running out the Labour group was whipped into voting down a motion to extend the length of debate in order for the Green amendment to be put or for the budget as a whole to be debated.

Read the speeches Labour tried to suppress here:

UPDATE (10th March) : Sheffield Green Councillors experience the same treatment from their ruling Labour group - see the story on the regional website.

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