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24 April 2013

North Yorkshire Green Party have pledged to support small businesses, protect childrens services and oppose waste incineration to keep costs down.

The County Council elections don't cover York as we're a unitary authority but the rest of North Yorkshire, including Selby is covered.

You can view the full list of Green Party candidates across the region here.

The full manifesto follows and can be viewed as a pdf.

North Yorkshire Green Party 2013 County Council Manifesto

Electing Greens means you elect local councillors who promise to represent your views and work with honesty and integrity.

The County Council is currently being put under huge financial pressure by the government. Electing Greens on May 2nd means putting the following areas at the top of the agenda:

We will prioritise small businesses and a strong local economy over big businesses.

Small businesses provide more jobs than big businesses. Small businesses keep money in the local area strengthening the local economy.

Supporting local jobs means that young people can find work in their local area.

We will promote investment in public transport and safer streets.

Rural buses can be unreliable and infrequent. We will do all we can to ensure that public transport meets needs.

We will push for 20mph zones in residential areas to make streets safer and healthier.

We will support children's services, early learning and our schools.

Every child deserves a good start in life. We would strive for excellent schools and less child poverty.

Through the Health & Wellbeing Board we would work to reduce family violence.

We will always do all we can to maintain services for the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable.

In the twenty-first century it is unacceptable for anyone in need to be denied a basic level of support.  Everyone with a disability deserves the support needed to be able, every elderly person dignity and everyone on hard times the chance to pick themselves up.

We will always seek to maintain funding to services for the vulnerable.

We will continue to oppose waste incineration and instead reduce costs through waste reduction and better recycling.

Incinerating waste doesn't solve the problem. Burying it doesn't solve the problem. Only when we produce less and recycle more will we really start saving money.

We will support farmers as weather patterns and global food markets become increasingly uncertain.

As winters get harsher and summers drier we need to ensure that food supplies remain secure and are produced in a sustainable way. Farmers are well placed to help lead on this.

We will push for the County Council to be involved in making planning decisions again.

When planning applications are approved, the District Council gets the 'New Homes Bonus' while the County Council picks up the bill for collecting the extra waste and maintain the new roads.

Our housing policy would increase affordable, zero carbon housing and protect farmland.

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