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Row over removal of historic pavement

6 June 2013

The Phoenix pub, with the old paving slabsDespite appeals from the landlord at the Phoenix pub which nestles close to the ancient Fishergate Bar, historic paving in front of the pub is being ripped up by the Council as part of the project to re-design the Fishergate gyratory.

The original design, which the public was invited to comment on, retained the paving up to the edge of the new work. But at the last minute plans were changed to replace all of the paving with new 'York Stone' slabs.

Green Party councillor Andy D'Agorne met with the landlord and landlady and arranged a site meeting with council engineer Roger Webster, after which he said "On Monday, Roger offered to re-lay the paving directly in front of the pub, replacing with old stone where necessary. The issue under debate was how this married up with the new paving. This morning we got an email saying that following internal discussions ALL the paving would be replaced. It is scandalous that, when residents and small businesses want to retain the character of our city, this administration seem to prefer everything clinical and tidy".

Work will be carried out in the next few days to complete the project which has otherwise been welcomed by  the Greens. Not only does it improve safety, with a new pedestrian crossing to the centre of the Fishergate gyratory, but it also enhances the appearance of the Bar. Some failings in the safety of the approved design, pointed out by Cllr D'Agorne, are being addressed during implementation of the scheme.

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