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Say No to Fracking and Incineration

1 June 2013

Here's your chance to say a big "no" to two of our least favourite things, as a consultation is happening right now on the "Minerals and Waste Joint Plan" for York, North Yorkshire, and the North York Moors.

The City of York Council has been working with North Yorkshire on the Joint Municipal Waste Strategy since 2002. Now, the co-operation has been expanded, bringing the North York Moors National Park Authority into the fold.

The consultation comes years after the Councils approved the plan to spend £1.4bn plan on a waste incinerator at Allerton Park, and so somehow must retrospectively justify this fait-accompli.

Please take this opportunity to tell the assembled Councils that waste incineration is backward, expensive, potentially polluting, and increasing traffic.  Call for reduction, re-use, recycling, and local composting to be combined with new, non-destructive technologies to work towards a Zero Waste ideal. Zero Waste is a powerful concept and something that successive Councils have spoken about in a half-hearted way, burdened as they have become by the commitment to generate waste required for Allerton Park.

The consultation also deals with minerals extraction, some of which may be necessary.  However, hydraulic fracturing, to force out natural gas by pumping water and chemicals into the ground under immense pressure, must be banned.  It depletes water reserves and causes catastrophic pollution: rivers are poisoned, fish and animals die, people get sick.

You can download the consultation form and read more here on the North Yorkshire County Council website.

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