York Green Party

York Green Party Presents: Mark Wynn + Jim Higo + Sam Skinny

1 September 2013


Mark Wynn + Jim Higo + Stan Skinny a poetic and comedic rage through the trivialities and irritations of modern life.

Stan Skinny: Tesco Chainstore Massacre

Fresh from Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, Stan brings his cutting satire to York about one man's struggle against the domination of Tesco and his struggle to find a decent pair of jean shorts. Containing songs, poems, frantic desperation and is guaranteed 100% horse-meat joke free.

Jim Higo: That's Not How You Spell Pedantic

Also fresh from The Fringe, Jim’s spoken-word show of biting wit, wry humour, blatant vulgarity and the occasional smidgeon of social conscience. Join Jim in The Basement, in his quest to rid the world of all the things that have ever angered, annoyed or aggravated you.

Mark Wynn: York based mumbler of song and spiel

A modern-age troubadour from within our midst, Mark was compared variously to Mark E Smith, John Cooper Clarke, and Ivor Cutler, albeit with a local accent. Enjoy joyful songs and gloomy gems of kitchen-sink drama and poetic laments to places and times, and acerbic observations, all with good-humoured wit and intelligence.

This event is suitable for those aged 16+

Doors 8-11pm

Tickets: £6/£5/£4


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