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Young Greens' reveal university wage inequality

17 October 2013

The Young Greens today released their 'league table' report on wage inequality in UK universities. The report, based on 113 Freedom of Information requests, shows that universities are choosing to mirror the wider corporate world, with huge disparities between boardroom wages and workers earning less than a living wage.

Rustam Majainah, the lead author of the report, said:

"Universities have no excuse to pay less than the living wage. Living costs are rising for everyone, students are having to pay £9,000 a year to go through higher education, and university vice-chancellors are paid disproportionately large salaries. It is unacceptable for these vice-chancellors to claim that they are unable to find the money to pay their workers enough to have a decent quality of life."

The University of Bristol came it with one of the highest wage ratios of nearly 35:1, though other universities reported higher disparities when the wages of apprentices were included. The average ratio was around 19:1 - a rise since a similar study was conducted previously. The University of Bath topped the list of number of employees on the minimum wage with 1,125 staff members. A total of 6,769 people were found to be employed by UK universities on less than the living wage.

The Young Greens' Fair Pay Campus Campaign calls for a maximum pay ratio at 10:1 for all universities.

Read the report on the Young Greens website.


  • The living wage is currently estimated at £7.45 nationally, and £8.55 in London.

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