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Greens slam ‘weak and confusing' 20mph roll out plan

28 June 2014

Green councillors representing Fishergate ward have criticized arrangements for the roll out of 20mph limits, saying that legal notices on lamp posts (detailing which streets are affected) are poorly explained and confusing. In response, they have put up maps of the proposal alongside the legal notices and are encouraging residents to make their views known to the council by the deadline of July 11th.

“The notices, in complicated legal language, list the streets that are not A or B roads and are NOT included in the draft 20mph order, rather than those which ARE to be included. A map of the proposals is simpler and clearer, allowing residents to easily understand which roads are affected.” said Cllr Andy D’Agorne.

Petition to extend limits

The councillors have also gathered signatures on a petition calling for the busy congested area near the shops on Heslington Rd to be included in the 20mph area, rather than being left at 30mph as proposed by the council.

“Parking and buses passing make the traffic travel more slowly here anyway, but including this road would actually save costs as well as signal the residential nature of this whole area.” said Cllr Taylor. The advertised proposal means large 20mph/30mph signs either side of each side road, whereas the alternative put forward by the local councillors would require only small reminder signs, with one set of large signs on the main road at each end of the limit.

The first 20mph area in York (without humps) was installed in the Grange Garth area of Fishergate in 2010 but the remaining streets in the ward have been left until the final phase of the Labour roll out across the city. Cllr Andy D’Agorne said “20mph limits in residential areas are being introduced across the country in response to local demand for more people-friendly streets, with far less controversy than has been the case in York.”

“Enforcement is an issue, but it is also a question of culture change on a par with seatbelts, mobile phone use and smoking in pubs.” he added. “When these changes happened, public opinion was more influential than prosecutions and this is no different. There weren’t exceptions for bars with heavy smokers and 20mph should be no different – a residential area with narrow streets lined with parked cars should not be exempt from inclusion in the 20mph area just because it carries through traffic”

Responses invited on omitted streets

The Green councillors are also pressing for residents who feel their streets should NOT be left out of the new 20mph areas to be allowed to have their say in the formal consultation. Hospital Fields Rd (a busy cycle route to the university) and Broadway are both streets that the councillors say local residents should be invited for their views on whether or not they are included in the 20mph limits.  

Comments should be sent to highway.regulation@york.gov.uk stating name and address by July 11th.

For further details contact Andy D’Agorne 07941 392 667

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