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9 March 2014

Green Party supporters joined union members and community groups to promote better ways to grow our economy and protect our society than the coalition’s austerity policies.

Greens from across the North joined the major demonstration called by the Trades Union Congress outside the Lib Dem spring conference in York. Andrew Cooper, lead Green for the region in the Euro elections, said:

"Saturday’s demonstration will mean thousands of people from across the region calling on the Liberal Democrats at their Spring Conference to adopt A Better Way.

Lib Dems frittered away the goodwill of voters

“In 2010 their left of centre manifesto looked good enough for people to vote them into power – but is now consigned to the dustbin of history along with the goodwill of voters frittered away by backing policy after policy whether trebling tuition fees, persecuting disabled people or creating foodbank Britain.

Beaten by Bus Pass Elvis!

“People have deserted them in droves annihilation as witnessed on Thursday when they roundly lost a byelection, beaten even by Bus Pass Elvis in Clifton North, Nottingham.

Better Way demo

We can make austerity history

“But there’s A Better Way and it’s Green! We can make austerity history by taxing properly, chasing tax avoiders, and backing a Robin Hood Tax for Europe - which many other states are already doing despite Britain standing in the way. Andrew Cooper is standing for Europe as the region’s lead Green Party candidate in May.

A Better Way for local services

“There’s A Better Way to protect local services and local jobs with £100 billion to be saved from ending Britain’s WMD system called Trident, and another £60 billion from HS2 from people who want to be able to afford rail journeys rather than get there a bit faster - and who want a national rail service, one that rewards the country and not private profiteers, like East Coast does at the moment.

A Better Way on Health

“A Better Way - by properly funding the NHS, keeping it public, sacking Atos and the whole WCA scheme, binning the hospital closure clause in 4 days time (1), saving wards and units - including our threatened A&E unit at Calderdale Royal (2) - and ensuring, at European level, that states’ national health services are safeguarded and excluded from any trade deals such as the undemocratic TTIP currently being pursued.

Creating a million green jobs

“There’s a Better Way - to rescue the economy, by creating a million green jobs, in energy conservation, in renewable energy and embarking upon an energy producing democracy such as Kirklees Council with its plan to install solar panels on 2000 houses within 2 years.

“Many ideas and policies like this are already in the TUCs Better Way plans, and are shared by hundreds of thousands of trade unionists across the country and hundreds of thousands more besides.

“We hope people will join us in large numbers tomorrow to show that the Coalition's days are numbered.”


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