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Greens call for an immediate end to the Israeli attack on Gaza

20 July 2014

York Greens joined the march called by York Palestine Solidarity Campaign on Saturday, protesting against the Israeli attack on Gaza. Green Party Cllr Andy D'Agorne was among the speakers calling for justice for Palestinians:

Andy D'Agorne speaking at the Palestine Solidarity rally"At the meeting of full Council on 17th July, group leaders requested a minute's silence to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the first world war. In supporting this, as Green group leader, I said that the memories of such ghastly conflicts should prompt a redoubling of our efforts to seek world peace for future generations. Action to achieve that goal today must start with a just and lasting solution for the Middle East and justice for the Palestinians in particular. We condemn rocket attacks by Hamas, but as a powerful democracy Israel should be protecting innocent civilian lives, especially the children and families of Gaza currently being subjected to bombing of homes and even mosques and hospitals. Every such act simply serves as a recruitment drive for Palestinians who feel driven to more violent responses. Israel should be held fully accountable for such clear breaches of international law.

UN resolutions must apply to all states, including Israel, not just the ones that the US chooses to enforce. The US threat to Iran may have thankfully lessened following a deal on their nuclear programme, but we don't hear much about Israel's nuclear arsenal, revealed by whistleblower Mordecai Vanunu for which he served a long prison sentence after being kidnapped by Mossad. If world governments continue to fail to act, pressure has to come from people like us today - not just in demonstrating, attending MP's surgeries and objecting to bias in the BBC coverage but also in pressure on our trade unions, on companies we might place business with, our pension funds to disinvest or cut off trade that might be supporting the illegal Israeli settlements and the attacks on Gaza. While a different situation, the worldwide boycott of South African Apartheid eventually brought about change. Now the violence, injustice and intransigence of Israel's position on Palestine requires concerted action from us all, through whatever action we can take, to bring about an end to the violence and a just settlement for Palestine".


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