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Lendal Bridge reopens: but what next for sustainable transport in York?

10 April 2014

The Lendal Bridge trial comes to an end this weekend, with the bridge being re-opened to private cars 24 hours a day. The experiment was widely criticised for being poorly implemented after ongoing problems with signage and the legal position on issuing fines.

Green Group leader Andy D'Agorne has welcomed the Council's decision to set up a cross-party commission on tackling traffic in York.

"Opposition parties now need to help the city to come up with viable alternatives to cut traffic and illegal levels of air pollution in York" he said. "As an example, I am still pressing for a serious trial of a free shuttle bus such as operates in Sheffield and Bradford to operate between the station, the hospital/York St John, the Barbican and city centre stores (stopping at Piccadilly). Costings have been done, and this could be funded at modest cost from the profits from city centre car parks and perhaps with support from retailers and entertainment venues in the city."

After a week during which York, along with much of the country, has been blanketed with smog, with residents advised to avoid strenuous exercise outdoors, came the news that over 2,500 deaths are estimated to have been caused by air pollution in one year across Yorkshire.

"Planning permissions for developments fronting York's main roads are now requiring properties to have sealed front windows with mechanical ventilation from the rear of the building. We have had nearly twenty years to act on this. Bold measures are required. Paris banned 50% of cars on alternate days - perhaps extreme but effective," said Councillor D'Agorne. "What are we going to do in York?"

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