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16 October 2014

A planning application has been lodged which would see the sell-off of public green space along the riverbank near Millennium Bridge.

The application would see a 2m high fence going up around what is currently a popular spot for picnicers and dog walkers, creating 14 new luxury boat moorings for the exclusive use of the York Motor Yacht Club. The Council gave notice of its intention to dispose of (sell off) this public open space on October 9th.

The application will involve the removal of at least one tree and the replacement of the current semi-wild riverbank with landscaped moorings and pontoons. Green Party Councillor Andy D'Agorne said, "The application claims that the trees in this area are of 'poor quality', but we know that hundreds of local people enjoy this safe but secluded spot - as does a huge range of wildlife including bats, owls, otters and a kingfisher."

A demonstration has been called for this Sunday, 19th October, at twelve noon, meeting at Millennium Bridge.

The threatened riverbank glade

The 'poor quality' trees along the riverbank. Photo by David Lumsdaine

You can submit objections to the planning application online via the Council's Planning Portal, or by writing to Kevin O'Connell at the City of York Council Planning Department, West Offices, Station Rise York YO1 6GA. You can also object to the sell-off of the land by contacting Phillip Callow, Head of Asset and Property Management at the same address. The deadline is October 28th.

The area under threat

The area of riverbank under threat.

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