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Denise calls for swift action on street drinking

20 March 2015

Denise Craghill, lead Green Party candidate for Guildhall, has urged councillors to act swiftly to address the problem of anti-social behaviour and street drinking in the Groves area of the city. In an open letter to the press, Denise spoke of the area as having a strong sense of community. However, facing these problems day and night leads residents to feel 'at best uncomfortable, at worst physically threatened.'

Denise attended a meeting at which the Council presented a report in response to a 633 signature petition from residents. The report proposes collecting evidence and holding consultation meetings on the basis of which a Public Space Protection Order could be put in place for the Groves.

Denise said: "I welcome the recognition from the Council that something needs to be done urgently. It was announced at the meeting that Community Protection Notices carrying £100 on the spot fines are to be introduced immediately, but it seems a bit unclear how these will be used."

Denise stressed that action should not result in displacing the problem to other areas and urged the council to provide time scales for the consultation process. Residents should also be given a full explanation of the Public Space Protection Order. The people of the Groves have been waiting a long time and need to know exactly what is going to be done and when.

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