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Green councillor sees red over defective junction delays

9 February 2015

In response to questions from Green councillor Andy D'Agorne, it has been revealed that some 30 signal controlled junctions around the city have defective traffic sensing equipment, adding to delays and pollution from standing traffic - and that only five of these will be fixed before the end of the financial year, at a cost of £300,000.

The actual situation is likely to be even worse. The Fulford Road - Broadway junction was at last resurfaced last November but is still defective because the final step of installing new loops in the road has still to be completed.

"The problem was first caused by damage during emergency gas repairs, which took place years ago," said Andy, who lives close by. "Until this financial year the answer was 'no budget' to fix the problem. Now the delay is waiting to batch up several junctions, no doubt in the last few weeks of the financial year in March"

In the absence of the sensors, traffic and pedestrians waiting to cross Fulford Rd are held on 'red' even when there is no traffic approaching the junction on the main road. Cllr D'Agorne says that the extra delay leads to many drivers accelerating, jumping red lights and increased risk to pedestrians who are crossing in the area.

Andy obtained this information in answer to a question he put to the Economic Development Scrutiny Committee meeting on January 28th. The response blamed "general deterioration of the road surface" for the majority of the faults - another example of how the austerity being forced onto Council budgets is just building up more costs for the future, says Cllr D'Agorne.

The £300,000 allocated to fix five of these junctions this financial year is set to be cut to £200,000 for next year, meaning that most of these junctions will continue to malfunction for years to come.


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