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Green dismay at Cllr Gillies’ remarks over speed limits

15 July 2015

Andy D'Agorne with 20mph signYork Green Party has expressed its concern at Conservative Executive Member for Transport and Planning Cllr Ian Gillies' misinformed and inflammatory remarks over suggestions that the new administration may reconsider the City’s 20mph speed limits.

The speed restrictions were introduced under the previous Labour administration to enhance road safety and promote cycling and walking - an important consideration in promoting healthy lifestyles for future generations - as well as cutting the dominance of traffic in residential areas.

Last week, however, Cllr Gillies suggested the Council spend taxpayers’ money to remove these speed limits that were implemented only last year.  His somewhat bizarre reasoning was that the restrictions are on streets where it is actually difficult to build up such speeds , some motorists are ignoring the limits and, furthermore, the police are not enforcing them.

Gillies told York Press: “I would take them all down. Some of the signs are in ridiculous places - on small streets where you couldn't get up to that speed anyway.”

York Green Party Group Leader Andy D'Agorne said: "We are proud of the 20mph speed limits in York, having first proposed them in our 2007 manifesto, with the first such limits being introduced in Fishergate five years ago.  We supported their implementation last year and we will fight to keep them in place now. We believe in a York where people have attractive options for active travel, using their cars less, not more, and where the problem of congestion is taken seriously and quality of the air is improved, not ignored. We believe in a York that puts its people first; a York that is proud of its reputation as a pedestrian and cycle-friendly city, a York that is progressive, forward thinking and cares about its future.  We have made significant progress over the last decade - we are not going to stand by and let all the good work go to waste.”

The Green Party will be raising the issue of 20mph speed limits at the Full Council meeting on Thursday 16th July at the Guildhall.

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