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Green students join with Councillors to clean streets

13 October 2015

Andy and Dave clean up

This Sunday Fishergate Ward saw the start of a Green initiative to get students involved in cleaning up the streets in student areas of the city.

As hundreds of people walked back from watching the Yorkshire Marathon, the two Green Councillors and student volunteers could be seen on Heslington Road with brushes, litter pickers and black sacks cleaning rubbish from the street.

Green Party Group Leader and Councillor for Fishergate, Andy D'Agorne, said: "We want to involve students in regular clean up activity so that we can all take a pride in the streets we live in. At times students can get a bad press for being untidy, and we want to help. We want to encourage local local residents to introduce themselves to their student neighbours and explain when the bins are collected and when the recycling should be put out".

Greens would like to see this type of initiative across the city, with students organising themselves to keep their areas clean and tidy.

Fellow Fishergate Ward Councillor Dave Taylor added: "If students want to be proactive, tell your landlord and local councillor so that we can support you in these efforts! Some landlords do things like texting their tenants to remind them the night before they need to put the bin out. Little things like that can make all the difference."

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