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Greens slam art gallery charges

22 April 2015

York Green Party has criticised the decision to introduce charges for entry to the York Art Gallery. The York Green Party manifesto pledges to protect Council funding to arts and cultural organisations, and claim that plans to charge residents £7.50 entry, or £22 for a year, goes against its aim to prioritise community arts and for free access for residents to the city's arts collections and museums. 

Dave Taylor, who chaired the Council's Leisure & Culture Scrutiny Committee, said, “While a  membership scheme had been mooted, these charges, particularly if they were to apply to residents, are a bitter blow, and have to be blamed on the cuts which the Council has passed onto York Museums Trust from the Tory/LibDem Government. We believe that introducing a tourist tax (on a similar basis to many European city destinations where a small charge is added to hotel and B&B bills) could allow for the council to fund York Art Gallery for all residents as well as increasing street cleaning in the city centre.”

York Green Party welcome initiatives by York Museums Trust to become more self-sustaining and exploring alternative revenue streams, however the Green Party remains committed to ensure that residents can enter their own city attractions for free regardl
ess of income levels or age.


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