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Jenny Jones, Green Party member of the House of Lords, in York on Saturday

9 April 2015

Baroness in a Tent! Green Party Baroness Jenny Jones of Moulsecoomb will meet York voters in a gazebo in St Helen's Square Sat 11th April 1.30pm – 3.00pm

Baroness Jenny Jones of Moulsecoomb, who is the Green Party's first nominated member of the House of Lords, selected by a ballot of all party members in 2013, will visit York on Saturday 11 April. She will be talking to local candidates and the party's membership at the Priory Street Centre from 10.30am – 12.00 noon. The meeting will also be attended by members of Young Greens North – young Green Party members from around the region who will be coming to York to help deliver leaflets and talk to voters about the party's General Election and Local Election campaigns.

She said "I'm really pleased to be visiting one of our fastest growing Green parties and to get the chance to speak to voters in York about our excellent policies."

From 1.30pm Jenny and the Young Greens will be based in a gazebo in St Helen's Square, handing out leaflets and inviting the public to drop in and discuss Green Party policies before deciding on how to vote on May 7th. They will be joined by Jonathan Tyler, the Green Party's candidate for York Central and Ginnie Shaw, candidate for York Outer.

Jonathan Tyler said “Following the first of the TV leaders debates, voters are realising that the Greens offer a serious alternative to the austerity options offered by David Cameron and Ed Milliband. With the SNP surging in the Scottish polls, it is looking increasingly likely that Greens, Plaid Cymru and the SNP could be holding the balance of power nationally after May 7th."

York Outer candidate Ginnie Shaw said “The Greens clearly have growing support and policies to tackle both our economic and environmental crises – more and more people who are familiar with our policies are taking us seriously and planning to vote Green in the General Election as well as the local elections on May 7th.”

After the city centre session, the Young Greens will join party members canvassing in the party's local council target wards – Guildhall and Micklegate where it is standing 3 candidates in each – as well as Fishergate ward, which the party has held since 2003 with two councillors.

Fishergate councillor and group leader Andy D'Agorne said “This is a very exciting time for the Green Party in York and we are delighted that so many young people are keen to get involved and help the Greens to campaign to win. We are very proud to be the only main party which is committed to free education for all and abolishing tuition fees."

“Not only do we have an excellent chance in York Central in the General Election, but we are campaigning to elect more local councillors on May 7th in Guildhall and Micklegate, where young people's votes can really make a big difference. We are delighted to have such an energetic and committed campaigner as Jenny Jones to help us get our campaign underway.”


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