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People's Congestion Commission for York - Tuesday 20th October

18 October 2015

Internationally renowned transport expert, Professor John Whitelegg, is in York on Tuesday to give a talk at the inaugural meeting of the People’s Congestion Commission. 

Professor Whitelegg has an academic career that spans over five decades, specialising in sustainable transport systems - specifically concerning issues of congestion. Internationally recognised for his work in cities in Asia and Australasia, Professor Whitelegg was also heavily involved in the successful London Congestion Charge. 

An author of ten books and over 100 papers on transport and environment topics, Professor Whitelegg is keen to offer his help to the city of York, where congestion and air quality have become a real concern. He said: “I can explain about the nature of congestion and what we know really works to solve it”.

The meeting, to be held at 19:30 on Tuesday at the Priory Centre, Priory Street, is the first of its kind set up by the People’s Congestion Commission for York.  Following the decision from the local council to shelve plans for a council run commission earlier this year, the PCC was set up with the help of York Green Party. York Green Party group leader, Andy D’Agorne, however, was keen to disassociate party politics from the commission.

D’Agorne said: “The PCC has been initiated by the Green Party, but we genuinely want representation from, and input and ownership by, a broad cross-section of York residents and businesses. The future of this great city does not belong to politicians who have failed to work together to find transport solutions in the past decade. It is your city and your children's city. We have support from York Environment Forum and have approached trade unions, business groups and groups representing residents and the elderly to get involved. If Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Tories want to send representatives that would be great - and it will not cost the council purse, or indeed the people of York anything!”

Local business people, residents, commuters, tradespeople, industry workers, council workers,  councillors , politicians, service men and women; everyone - everybody  is welcome and invited to the meeting on Tuesday to share thoughts, ideas and inspiration. The meeting, which will also involve a Q&A session, is expected to last no longer than two hours – with the ultimate aim of the People's Congestion Commission to empower the people of York to effect real change.  

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