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Purpleman Goes Green

5 May 2015

(from head to toe ... and his dog too!)

Jonathan Tyler and the formerly Purpleman

York's iconic tourist attraction, Purpleman, has changed colour. He's now green - the colour of the Party he will be promoting in the General and City Council elections.

It seems he has been hiding a colourful secret. He said:

"Status quo politics do not interest me. Doing the right thing does. Beneath the purple I've always had a green heart because it makes total sense to care for our home, the Earth."

"I meet the York Central candidate, Jonathan Tyler, most days I'm on Stonegate. I've always called him 'Mr Green'. Jonathan is concerned about the quality of life and the environment. It has for example been a pleasure to watch 'Mr Green' challenging motorists abusing the footstreets of York. He has my full support and best wishes."

"Each of us can make the world a better place. Everything we do has an impact – socially and ecologically – so I'm proud that, in addition to making millions smile, I've promoted cycling, especially during the inaugural Tour de Yorkshire."

"Now is the time to display a vivid reminder of the Green Party's presence in these elections while doing the job I love – making people happy with my bicycle, dog and paint-pot."

Purpleman has been making people smile in York for many years. Twice in the past six months Purpleman has delighted Syrian refugee children near the war-zone by arriving on his purple bicycle to give them soft toys donated by people in York, Yorkshire and beyond.

From Tuesday you will see purpleman as he has NEVER been seen before – in 100% green: bike, dog, shirt, trousers, jacket, hat, tie and 'go faster' coat, plus green glasses.

Greenman in front of York Minster

Purpleman's message to voters in York:

"Slow down, search within, be yourself and express what's inside. Live from your heart and do the right thing for others and the Earth. Make your life more meaningful by changing your thoughts and actions. Act now then you'll no longer believe the illusion that mainstream politicians exist to make your life better. York will be green all over if enough people follow their hearts and do the right thing, making the city a much happier and more positive place to live. You control you so take responsibility and change your focus from what you can get to what can you give. Express the inner greenness you were born with."

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