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York Green Party Doubles Councillors

12 May 2015

York Green Party is celebrating an excellent result in the City of York Council local election, with Andy D'Agorne and Dave Taylor being re-elected in Fishergate, and two new Green Councillors joining them - Denise Craghill in Guildhall and Lars Kramm in Micklegate.

Andy D'Agorne and Dave Taylor's hard work in Fishergate has been recognised by voters, with the Green Party having held both seats in the ward since 2003 (with Cllr D'Agorne being elected then and Cllr Taylor joining him at the 2007 election, taking over from departing Green Party Councillor Mark Hill).

York Green Party targeted breakthroughs in the Micklegate and Guildhall wards at this election and have been successful, with lead candidates Lars Kramm and Denise Craghill being elected after a hard-fought campaign. Both will be strong voices on the Council, and will work hard to ensure residents' views are represented in Council decisions.

Lars Kramm said: "I am very grateful for the trust that the residents of Micklegate placed in me and thank everyone who voted for Helen Johnson, Mark Havercoft [the other Green Party candidates in Micklegate] and me. I am very happy, but the hard work to meet the expectations as a ward councillor has now started. In our political rainbow ward it is essential to work together and have all residents in mind, not just the ones that voted for us".

Denise Craghill thanked all those who voted for her and said that it was a "huge privilege to be elected at the top of the poll" - a fantastic achievement, with the Green Party's Guildhall votes having increased from 537 at the last elections in 2011 to 1,895 this time.

A full list of the local election results can be found on the City of York Council website here.

You can find out more about your Green Party Councillors here.


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