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York Greens demand answers about York Flooding

4 January 2016

York Green Party has praised the hundreds of volunteers and service men and women who have helped with the recent local flood relief effort. 

Severe damage has been caused to over 600 residential homes and 150 businesses, as the Vale of York witnessed its worst floods since 2000 with river levels peaking just 0.2m lower than the record breaking Nov 2000 flood. Floods have occurred since then in 2007 and 2012 but not as high as experienced this week.

Cllr Denise Craghill, Green councillor for the city centre Guildhall ward, an area of York hit particularly hard by the floods, said: “People have lost their possessions and their belongings in homes and small businesses. It is a time of great difficulty and great sadness. But at this time we also have witnessed a great spirit of community, a coming together of people not just from York but from further afield. Residents really welcome the support and generosity. Thank you to everyone who has offered their time and energy. ”

Green group leader Cllr Andy D'Agorne has said that there are questions, however, that need to be asked and are already being asked by furious residents who had little or no warning of the flooding from the Foss.  "This Government has to act – the lack of funding and underinvestment in our flood defences means it has a direct responsibility to local residents and local businesses. We must rethink our agricultural land management practices and we need to understand the very real impact of climate change, with more frequent instances of intense prolonged rain resulting in more frequent floods.  And we need to ask serious questions of this Government - quite apart from the human misery; it is a false economy to make irresponsible funding cuts only to spend much more clearing up the resulting damage."

York Green Party is also urging City of York Council to call on the Government to apply for funding from the European Union Solidarity Fund. Following severe floods in Central Europe in 2002, the EUSF was set up to provide funding for work to prevent future environmental disasters. Under European regulations the Government has 10 weeks to apply for this much needed funding. Estimates on the damages caused by the York floods vary from between £250m to £500m.

If you have any concerns regarding the floods & the relief effort, or if you have any other questions, then please do not hesitate in contacting York’s Green Party councillors. 

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