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York Greens in forefront of fight to save NHS

28 March 2015

Members of York Green Party are joining other campaigners as they march to oppose the creeping privatisation of the National Health Service and seek to restore it to its founding principles.

Jonathan Tyler, Parliamentary Candidate for York Central, and Ginnie Shaw, Parliamentary Candidate for York Outer, both joined the march on Saturday morning.

Jonathan Tyler says: “the Green Party believes in a publicly owned and publicly run NHS, where there is no place for the profit motive. The way to reduce the costs of healthcare is by building a healthier and more equal society”.

Ginnie Shaw adds: “the founding principles of our NHS have been eroded by successive Governments.  Under Labour, privatisation saw more than 100 NHS Private Finance Initiative schemes valued at £11 billion signed off and this process has accelerated under the current ConDem coalition.  Green Party General Election candidates are supporting the introduction of an NHS Reinstatement Bill that would not only repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012, it would restore the NHS to its founding vision of a publicly owned national service, free at the point of use.”

Green MP Caroline Lucas presented the NHS Reinstatement Bill to Parliament on March 11th, receiving support from Lib Dem and Labour backbenchers, as well as the SNP and Plaid Cymru. It will receive further debate in Parliament toward the end of March.

Saturday's march has been organised by Defend Our NHS York, an independent campaign group supported by the Green Party.

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