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28 November 2012

After being closed by flooding twice in two months, Andy D'Agorne calls for a resilience plan, including protection for the Millennium Bridge cycle route.

Green councillor Andy D'Agorne has called for more action to enable the city to continue to function normally when the river is in flood. "More extreme weather conditions are one of the consequences of climate change predicted by scientists.Even if we cut out all Carbon emissions today we are still going to have to adapt to the changes already underway"

Cllr D'Agorne suggests that a resilience plan needs to be drawn up by local communities, learning from the experience of flooding and severe winter weather in recent years.

"Clearing drains and requiring greater flood storage on new developments must be a priority for the council, but we also need to give more priority to sustainable travel - for example why is the Millennium Bridge cut off by floodwater when the bridge itself and the Fulford side is perfectly dry? The original design obviously didn't anticipate flood levels such as we have experienced this year when the bridge has been cut off twice, in September and again in November."

Councillor D'Agorne has been pressing for either a causeway across the lowest part or a temporary footbridge that can be installed as is done to access properties in Skeldergate.

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