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Green Councillors reverse 'false economy' cuts to Fishergate bins

2 October 2012

Following representations from Green Party Councillors in Fishergate ward on behalf of local residents, two bins that were removed without local consultation because of council budget cuts have now been partially restored.

One bin close to the Cemetery Road playground has been put back after several parents of children who use the park raised concerns about their children's safety. Green Party councillor Andy D'Agorne said, "One Mum felt so strongly she had already started to collect signatures on a petition and had even offered to empty the bin herself if needed to persuade the council to return it. Fortunately the council have realised that the nearby dog bin would just fill up with litter so it has now been replaced."

Another large bin near Millennium Bridge has now been replaced with a smaller city centre bin in a slightly different location. However local dog walkers who previously found it easy to bag up bottles and cans left lying about the riverside area say that it is more difficult for them to help out in this way, as the opening for the replacement bin is smaller than before.

Green Cllr Dave Taylor, also of Fishergate said, "Failing to make use of local experience when selecting bins for removal is proving to be a false economy for Labour. Had they consulted we could have told them which would be most controversial and possibly identified more sensible choices to save money."

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