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16 November 2012

The Council is reviewing its library services ahead of a budget cut of 10%. The service is expected to be farmed out to a Community Benefit Society, which the Greens say will absolve the Council of the responsibility for making the cuts.

In their response to the Council the Greens say:

  • Volunteers should only 'add value', not replace existing staff
  • Libraries be located in the centre of communities, accessible to all. So, for instance, supporting a library in the expanded Monks Cross shopping centre is not an appropriate use of resources.
  • Libraries should be a hub for the local community - they should support community events and activities and be used to deliver other public services such as adult education.

Whilst community ownership is a fine principle, the Greens point out that those most in need of services are often those least able to contribute to their running and governance - a major flaw with the 'big society' model.

You can read the response to the consultation in full here.

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