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York Green Party Condemns Rail Fare Rise

16 August 2012

Train at York StationAt a time when people are struggling to find work and many people's wages are falling in real terms this rise is simply unacceptable.

York Green Party is calling for a u-turn in the 6.2% increase in rail fares. The rise is 3% above inflation and comes after years of similar increases.

Denise Craghill, Chair of York Green Party, said, "Much of this rise will simply go to line the pockets of shareholders. Since the railways were privatised government has got less value for money as the railway companies are given generous subsidies and the ability to raise fares by eye-watering amounts.

"If the government decided to invest properly in railway infrastructure it could create jobs and develop the sustainable transport network that is fit for the generations to come. Instead it is giving railway operators a free ride."

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