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Residents Celebrate as new ResPark comes into force

29 October 2012

Maple Grove residents celebrate

Residents of Maple Grove between the Millennium Bridge and Fulford Road will be celebrating the introduction of a Residents Parking Zone for their street this Monday morning, after several years of complaining about commuter parking.

Feelings came to a head last year when a bin lorry was unable to empty residents' bins for 24 hours because of inconsiderate parking blocking access into the cul-de-sac.

An initial survey by ward councillors Andy D'Agorne and Dave Taylor indicated residents wanted yellow lines, but then support for a residents parking scheme grew when it was discovered that a more flexible approach was now available similar to restrictions in place in Badger Hill. The restrictions mean that a resident's or visitor's permit is required to park anywhere on the street between 9am and 5pm Mon - Friday, even though there are only signs posted at the entrance to the street.

Ward councillor Andy D'Agorne said "Around a dozen commuters working in offices on Hospital Fields Road were regularly parking here creating difficulties for residents. I have been working with the companies where they are employed to identify what can be done to encourage more staff to cycle or use the park and ride service from the Designer Outlet so that we are not just moving the problem to another street. Getting these commuters to cycle, car share or use the park and ride would also cut traffic on the busy Fulford Rd. helping to reduce pollution and delays to the bus service."

Cllr D'Agorne is keen to stress that many staff already walk or cycle to work in the area and the companies have already done a lot of work promoting green travel wherever practicable for their employees.

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