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Residents say leave cycle lane alone!

28 March 2012

An FOI request reveals that the vast majority of people responding to the consultation on the controversial Clifton Green cycle lane have asked the Council to retain the existing layout.

The cycle lane at Clifton Green forms part of the city's flagship Orbital Cycle Route, and replaced a left-filter lane. Since its installation in 2009 it has been the source of much controversy, with local residents and motorists claiming it has increased congestion and rat-running. The incoming Labour administration promised to remove the cycle lane, and presented residents with two options to choose from. Both would see a left turn lane restored at the expense of room for cyclists.

Clifton Green junction

The results of this consultation, revealed to Green Party Councillor Andy D'Agorne through a Freedom of Information request, show a surprise landslide victory in favour of leaving the cycle lane intact - even though this was not presented as an option in the consultation.

"Labour's consultation only presented us with two options, both of which the Council acknowledged are less safe than the current arrangement," said Councillor D'Agorne. "In spite of this over 60% of respondents called for the cycle lane to be left in place. Over a hundred people voted for this - almost twice the number who backed the most popular alternative."

The previous Lib Dem administration looked at the scheme in December 2010, during the three-year Cycling City York programme, and concluded that spending a further £35,000 on reinstating the left-filter lane at the expense of cyclists' safety could not be justified. But Labour and Tory Councillors forced the issue back on the agenda.

"The city has been building up a network of safe cycle lanes, and the Orbital Cycle Route was one of the biggest steps forward funded through the Cycling City initiative. We face a chicken-and-egg situation: we need to provide safe convenient alternatives to the car, and we want to encourage cycling, but few will switch if there's nowhere safe to cycle. Labour have secured more funding to promote green travel in the north of the city - removing this key link in the orbital route would send all the wrong messages." said Councillor Andy D'Agorne.

Councillor D'Agorne took the step of making an FOI request to ensure that the actual results of the consultation were made public.

"I urge the Council to listen to the people - the majority of people who want respect on our roads, and to protect the most vulnerable. Leave this cycle lane alone!"


  • The two options on which the consultation was made are available at http://www.york.gov.uk/content/45053/64877/64891/schemes/cliftongreenjunction
  • The results of the consultation were that 56 respondents voted for option 1, 6 for option 2 and 106 voted to leave the junction as it is. A further 10 proposed other alternatives.
  • The decision on the scheme is due to be discussed at the Cabinet meeting on April 3rd. The papers for this meeting are now available.

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