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York Greens slam Labour's budget

24 February 2012

York's Labour administration passed its budget last night. Greens questioned Labour's priorities.

Green Councillors raised concerns about the priorities of the ruling Labour group - for instance:

  • Spending £200,000 on a bung to the University for a velodrome whilst reducing cycling training in schools
  • Getting every citizen Wifi enabled, whilst cutting £28,000 to the Salvation Army's homelessness support work.
  • Hanging on to a controversial £1m fund for 'Delivery and Innovation' whilst cutting £100,000 from the Future Prospects re-employment advice service

Greens also criticised the administration for their attacks on local democracy and accountability. Labour plans to scrap the publicly-accessible 'Executive Member Decision Making Sessions' - which themselves are the remains of Executive Member's Advisory Panels, created after the abolition of actual Committees which involved cross-party working.

Labour also plans to slash Ward Budgets by a third. Councillor Andy D'Agorne said: "Was it only 18 months ago that this council was featured in the national Councillor magazine proudly trumpeting its trailblazing participative budgeting, with every resident being encouraged to have a say in its neighbourhood plans and ward spending? Yet now half of the staff in the unit responsible for this process are losing their jobs, before any details of the proposed 'refocusing' has been made public."


You can read the full text of the Green Councillors speeches here:

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