Call for candidates for target wards and MP

12 October 2016

Could you follow in the footsteps of our 4 Green Party councillors in York, and stand for election? You could improve the quality and decision-making in parliament or of our council.

In May 2019 there will be elections for City of York council and before then there may be a snap general election; if not there will be a general election in 2020.

We need candidates to start work right now, preparing for these elections. Voters like to vote for people they have heard from over time, rather than those who just turn up in the last few weeks.

What you need to do to stand as a candidate

See the bottom of this page for a description of what an MP and a councillor does. At the moment we are looking to find parliamentary candidates for both York constituencies (York Central and York Outer) and for our four target wards on the City Council.

You will need time and energy. Time to appear in public, to write to the press and to work in your chosen constituency or ward.

Target candidates

There are a number of wards in York where we have won, or came close to winning in the past, including Fishergate, Micklegate and Guildhall. If we run a well-targeted campaign with high-profile candidates we can win more seats in these wards.

As a target candidate you will take an active role in the campaign, including:

  • building a campaign team and producing a campaign plan and campaign messages
  • talking to hundreds of voters on the doorstep and at other events
  • responding to voters questions and concerns and raising them in the press and other media outlets
  • contributing ideas and articles for ward newsletters and leaflets
  • taking part in campaign team decisions, including campaign messages,
  • writing letters and responding to emails

Candidates selected for target seats who commit to work hard enough to win will get support from the York Green Party, including guidance, opportunities for training and mentoring, technical support and funding. York Green Party has huge campaigning experience and is committed to supporting people who wish to stand for election. If you have support needs —from childcare to disability support needs—please discuss these with us soon so we can arrange support. Being in the Green Party means we are committed to work as a team, no one has to do anything alone, we will find a way to help in any aspect of campaigning and support you when you become a Councillor.

Note that campaigning is pretty much full time in the last four or five weeks before the election, certainly all evenings and weekends.

Councillor role description

Councillors are elected to represent people and communities in our city. There are 3 parts to the role of a councillor:

  • being a community leader and getting problems fixed
  • participating in council's decision making committees
  • campaigning for political change

Good qualities in a councillor include: good listening, team work and interpersonal skills; being persistent; ability to work with your local community; good at managing your own time; experience of some issues affecting our communities.

It is a part time role. Councillors might typically:

  • attend approx two evening council meetings per month,
  • spend 1-2 hours preparing for these meetings,
  • attend community meetings and events in their ward,
  • attend one Green councillor group meeting per month,
  • attend local party monthly meetings when useful,
  • spend 5-10 hours per week on case work and other activities,
  • letter writing, and responding to emails.

An annual allowance is paid by the council and a carers' allowance is available to cover child care and other care costs for times when you are carrying out councillor duties.

Additional information can be found at

For candidates with disabilities, the Green Party will support you to apply for funding from the Access to Elected Office Fund when standing for election and to get any support you require from the council to carry out the role of a councillor.

Election rules allow anyone to stand if you:

  • are at least 18 years old on the day of nomination and polling day
  • are a British citizen, a citizen of the Irish Republic, the Commonwealth or another member state of the European Union
  • have not been declared bankrupt
  • have lived or worked in York for 12 months before election day.

MP role description

Responsibilities will include:

  1. Representing the constituency and constituents by:
    • Building an effective relationship with voters
    • Being actively accountable
    • Dealing with individual casework within the constituency
    • Attending Parliamentary sessions and serving on the committees of parliament as appropriate
    • Encouraging awareness of the work of Parliament.
  2. Making decisions in those areas for which Parliament has competence, including:
    • Budget
    • Education
    • Health
    • Employment & Trade
    • Foreign Policy
    • Legislation
    • National Security
  3. Managing an office, employing staff and controlling budget and resources.
  4. Working closely with MEPs, MPs, elected members on devolved bodies, local councillors and community representatives in their locality.
  5. Working to develop the local Green Party with local party members’ representatives such as councillors and party officers, including campaigns, information, training, and other initiatives.
  6. Working closely with local, regional, national and European authorities to help develop a supportive and dynamic working relationship between Parliament and those authorities.
  7. Working with voluntary, community and statutory organisations in their locality, regionally and nationally, for example schools, health boards, universities etc.
  8. Working with social partners, trade unions and business organisations, to encourage sustainable development within the constituency.
  9. Helping to develop and promote the national and international policies of the Green Party.
  10. Ensuring political accountability to the Constituency Green Party, and to maintain an active presence in the constituency and to be able to respond to constituents’ problems and queries as appropriate.

Election rules require:

  • You are a citizen of the UK or the Republic of Ireland
  • You will be over 18 at the time of the election
  • You are not an undischarged bankrupt
  • You have lived or worked in the UK for the 12 months before the election

Details of nomination process

  • You must be nominated by two members of York Green Party
  • The deadline for nominations is midnight on 2 November 2016
  • If no women have applied then the deadline will be extended
  • Hustings will take place at 19:00 on Wednesday 16 November in West Offices, York
  • Election will be online for all members with an email address (postal for those without) by single transferable vote.

Full details of the process can be found at (requires login)

How to apply

Apply by completing the online form at by 2 November 2016

You will also need at least two members of York Green Party to nominate you at:

You will also have to supply a statement (max 400 words) and a digital photograph to be sent to members.

If you want further information on the process email York Green Party returning officer Ginnie Shaw (  If you want to discuss what is involved in being a councillor or MP come to the Green Party members meeting at West Offices at 19:00 on Wednesday 19 October, where some of our councillors will be able to address this.  Or contact York Green Party vice-chair Tom Franklin email or phone 07989948221.