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Live streaming of Green Party Conference from Harrogate

24 February 2016

We will be livestreaming all speeches, plenaries and panel sessions from Spring Conference. 

The livestream is open to members only and is free to access, though we are asking members to make a donation if they can to help us cover
the costs.

View the livestream here

Timetable of livestreamed sessions

Friday 26 February

14.00-14.30 Leader’s Opening Speech

14.45-16.00 PANEL: Tackling Tax Havens Needs European Cooperation

16.15-16.25 Speech – Leader Wales Green Party
16.30-17.25 Section A (Reports), followed by
17.25-17.35 Voting on Fast-tracked motions, Emergency Motions
17.40-18.10 Section B2 (Local Planning and the Built Environment Voting Paper)
18.10-18.15 Global Greens and European Green Party Congress #Greens2017 – save the date announcement

18.30-19.45 PANEL: Post Paris - climate change and the political challenges and opportunities

Saturday 27 February

10.30-10.45 Speeches - Amelia Womack and Shahrar Ali,GPEW Deputy Leaders
10.45-12.30 Section C (Policy)

13.15-14.30 PANEL: Flooding prevention and mitigation - surviving and thriving in a 1-degree warmed world

14.45-16.00 PANEL: Rebalancing the UK economy

16.15-16.25 Speech - London’s Mayoral Candidate
16.25-17.00 Section B1 (Housing Voting Paper)
17.05-18.15 Section D (Organisation), Emergency Motions

18.30–19.45 PANEL: Greening our cities 

Sunday 28 February

10.30 12.00 Section C (Policy) Note: Motion A4 will be taken first in this session

12.45–14.00 Remaining business, Emergency Motions


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