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PCC Election

29 April 2016

PCC Election: your vote counts!


The Yorkshire & Humber Green Party have not put forward a candidate for the upcoming election of North Yorkshire's Police & Crime Commisioner on 5 May.  York Green Party members have voted not to officially endorse any of the candidates on offer.

However, please use your vote!  PCC elections are notorious for low turnouts, so if Greens in York make the effort to vote, there is every chance of returning a progressive voice to what can be an influential position.

York Green Party sent out a set of questions from members to each of the candidates; please take time to review the responses below and come to your own conclusion as to who best represents the Green view and deserves your vote.

The candidates standing in the PCC election are:

  • James Blanchard: Liberal Democrat
  • Stephen Howley: Labour Party
  • Julia Mulligan: Conservative (incumbent)
  • Michael Pannett: Independent

We submitted the following questions:

  1. Where would you put the balance, in terms of allocation of resources, between prevention and detection?
  2. What will you do to increase diversity (in terms of race, gender etc) in the police so it more closely reflects the local populus?
  3. What is your policy on preventing domestic abuse and grooming/internet crime?
  4. What priority would you give to enforcing the law banning fox hunting and the protection of legitimate opposition groups?
  5. What effort will you put into preventing and punishing environmental crime (eg, illegal tyre dumps)?
  6. What will you do to ensure roads are safe for all users, especially the most vulnerable, ie, pedestrians and cyclists.
  7. Do you support the enforcement of all legal speed limits (including 20mph)? And what priority would you give it?
  8. What is your view of the government's proposal the PCC should also be responsible for the Fire & Rescue service?

We received detailed replies from all candidates. These are available to download below:

You can also read the official statement of each candidate at:









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