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Green Party joins “progressive” EU alliance for referendum campaign

31 March 2016

The Green Party of England and Wales is to formally affiliate itself with Another Europe is Possible in a bid to maximise the support of progressives for an In vote at the 23 June EU referendum.

Another Europe is Possible was founded by a group of grassroots activists and campaigners who share a passion for building a Europe of democracy, human rights, environmental protection and social justice. [1]

The organisation will host a “national gathering” on 9 April where there will be opportunities to learn and discuss “the major issues at stake for progressives in the EU referendum”. Natalie Bennett, the Green Party’s leader will also make a speech at the gathering. [2]

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion said:

“Another Europe Is Possible provides a vital hub for debate and dialogue on what a socially just and environmentally sustainable EU looks like and how we get there.  That’s what Greens and others are fighting for - before and after the referendum.

Full information here

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