18 January 2018

Denise Craghill, Green Party councillor for Guildhall ward, has welcomed the decision (Thursday 18th January) to look at options to improve Lowther Street for pedestrians in the coming financial year.

Cllr Craghill spoke at Executive Member Ian Gillies’ Decision Session urging him to approve proposals for investigation, but also urging him to require some action from the Council as quickly as possible. She said

‘‘There has been a problem for years mainly with the sheer volume of traffic that travels along Lowther Street from Wiggington and Haxby Roads, using the street as a cut through, when it should really be going via Clarence Street and Lord Mayor’s Walk. Sometimes speed is an issue as these drivers generally want to get through as fast as they can, but generally it is the difficulty in finding a gap to cross the constant lines of traffic. This blights this residential area and is especially difficult for older people and families with young children. I’m very glad that Cllr Gillies and Assistant Director James Gilchrist have committed to working on the options during the next financial year but I do hope we see some progress as soon as possible. The residents’ association and ward councillors have been calling for action on this since early 2016 with little response. The Council is currently getting funding from the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency to develop improvements for this residential area, which has high levels of deprivation – being used as a cut through for a large proportion of the city’s traffic doesn’t help to improve the local environment.’

The proposals came forward in response to a 220 signature petition signed by local residents and gathered by local trader Gordon Campbell Thomas. The petition called specifically for a signalised crossing on Lowther Street near to Park Grove school but also highlighted the need for better crossing facilities all along the road. Officers said in the decision session paper that the road would probably not meet the criteria for a controlled crossing but that other measures could be considered.