Preserve public access to green space at Walmgate Bar

27 June 2017

Denise Craghill is calling for the green space inside Walmgate Bar to be kept open for public access.

Personal statement by Bethan Vincent, our York Outer canidadate

23 May 2017

Bethan says "The Green Party is the only party that offers positive solutions for a liveable future. It is a united party. It has consistent policies and principles and it sticks to them."

Park and Ride contract

19 May 2017

Andy D’Agorne for the Green Party said that while the contract still doesn’t meet the objective we set ourselves in our third Air Quality Action Plan for ‘zero emission capability’ by 2018 it does provide the minimum standard set by the government to enable York to create a Clean Air Zone for the city centre. “ We should mark National Clean Air Day on June 15th by a campaign to get signs up reminding drivers to switch off engines especially at places like Rougier St and bus timing points.” Part of York’s ‘action plan’ is to have an ‘anti-idling’ campaign but a year since this was identified as a ‘priority’, no action has yet been taken.

York Greens decide not to stand in York Central

12 May 2017

After careful discussion York Greens voted not to stand a candidate in York Central so as not to split the progressive vote.

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