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22 April 2013

Denise Craghill, Chair of York Green Party, had a letter in the York Press on Saturday 20th April urging the council to do something about the state of Picadilly.


With respect to recent letters, I have been urging the council to do something about the state of Piccadilly for some time, particularly since several of the most derelict and neglected buildings actually belong to the council – Reynard’s Garage and Castle Mills car park.

A small improvement has been made at Castle Mills (following pressure from myself and others) with the demolition of a short stretch of dereliction and installation of a new fence and gate, but the rest remains in disrepair.

As for the disgracefully scruffy Reynard’s Garage, one opportunity after another has been passed over to use this publicly owned asset for something useful, such as a young people’s centre or much-needed housing, all in the name of developing the Castle-Piccadilly area as one development.

While just outside the area, it seems the garage is also awaiting the “magic formula” and meanwhile is totally neglected.

We will keep pressing for the council to find a sustainable way forward soon that also protects and enhances the area around Clifford’s Tower.

We are told that Castle-Piccadilly talks are “under way” – but following the disastrous Monks Cross retail approval, who knows what is on the table?


Denise Craghill, Green Party co-ordinator for Guildhall Ward, Broadway West, York.


The letter is located on the York Press website here.

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