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Greens welcome Cabinet plan to invest in energy saving green jobs

8 February 2013

Green councillors in York have welcomed the Cabinet paper proposing investment in cutting fuel poverty, tabled following representations to the Labour leader.

The additional Cabinet paper will be considered at Feb 12th meeting of Cabinet as a late item. In a personal email to Council Leader James Alexander Green Councillor Andy D'Agorne wrote, "We are convinced that there is a great deal more funding out there for this policy area which could be accessed with a dedicated officer on the job. This could in turn help build up a critical mass which would enable much larger scale projects to be implemented, reducing fuel poverty and the knock on costs that can have".

In the additional paper for the Feb 12th meeting, Mike Slater, Asst Director, says that work to maximise opportunities for large scale Low Carbon Renewable Energy and District Heating Networks (such as is being developed for Derwenthorpe) could lead to the creation of a local Energy Services Company. However, without the additional investment he says it would be difficult for York to lever in investors and/or extra funding.

The additional paper can be found at: http://democracy.york.gov.uk/documents/s79200/Sustainability%20funding%20report%20V%20FINAL.pdf

Cllr Andy D'Agorne said "Investing in this area not only has the potential to cut the energy costs and increase winter comfort of many of our more vulnerable residents, it also creates jobs and attracts more investment into the city". Budget negotiations by Green councillors three years ago led to some of the current council-led free home insulation programmes and the installation of solar panels on council housing and council buildings in the city.

"As the cuts bite deeper, it is important that we keep up the drive to bring in external funding wherever possible to help to mitigate the effects of high energy prices and growing fuel poverty," said Cllr D'Agorne.

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