23 May 2017

Bethan Vincent

I have lived in York for almost seven years, moving here first as an Undergraduate at the University of York. Upon graduation I realised that York was where I wanted to build my future.

At 26, I have already made my mark in York through establishing and growing an ethical business. Outside of work, I am currently helping to firmly establish the Guild of Entrepreneurs, leading efforts to develop and grow York's commercial potential

I joined the Green Party because I fundamentally believe in the common good - that the needs of the many should outweigh the desires of the few.

The Green Party is the only party that offers positive solutions for a liveable future. It is a united party. It has consistent policies and principles and it sticks to them.

We were the first party to express our outrage and absolute opposition to fracking, an issue which I know concerns many citizens in York Outer.

Over-development in the Green Belt is a key issue for York. York’s long awaited Local Plan needs to come up with a solution which balances the building of much needed affordable housing against the priority of protecting open spaces. We must also ensure that all plans minimise the impact of traffic and congestion.

The NHS must receive immediate and substantial public investment to ensure health and dental services are provided free at the point of access. Privatisation, which started under Labour, must be reversed.

Regarding Brexit, I support the people’s democratic right to vote on whatever deal is negotiated for Britain’s departure from the EU. I will fight for the Brexit deal to include retention of freedom of movement, the preservation of environmental protections and the principles and regulations which protect human health, animal welfare and workers’ rights.

I am proud to be part of a party which is open to a progressive political debate, which is willing to stand down in the best interests of the people, as we have done locally in York Central.

Most of all I am proud to represent a party which recognises that there is another way of doing things. We don’t believe in playing games. We believe that progress, prosperity, and people’s rights are more important than party politics. Which means that at this election - in fact, at any election - if you vote Green you know what you are getting.