15 May 2017

John Cosham litter picking

John has lived in Hull Road ward for 16 years and knows the area well, understanding many of the issues which matter to local people, such as student housing, congested roads, access to space for recreation, bus services and antisocial behaviour. He is also conscious of city-wide and national politics, but his job as a Councillor will be to help manage the city in a way that enables everyone to access the services they need, whilst balancing budgets and managing conflicting pulls on resources.

His focus is on quality of life issues, health and wellbeing. He cares about clean air, affordable food, and good public transport which reduces the amount of traffic on the roads so that we can all travel easily and safely. He wants local people to enjoy their neighbourhood and take pride in where they live, to be friends with more people on their street and feel safe and secure. He says

“I want people to be able to live good lives without consuming too many finite resources and causing waste and pollution.”

He has a long history of volunteering and getting things done, from planting trees in St Nicholas Fields in the 1990s, to starting York Rotters in 2004, helping to get the Red Tower project going over the past couple of years, to working with the Save Windmill Lane Playing Fields team today.  His self employment as an entertainer means he understands some of the problems about being on a low income, and as a parent is aware of the difficulties that family life can throw up