New Walk - pathway changes

8 September 2017

Resurfacing between Alma Terrace and Blue Bridge Lane in Fishergate ward, which Cllr D'Agorne informs us about here, is now complete.

At the same time work is being carried out alongside St George’s Field to raise the cycleway up to the same level as the footway, thus removing the hazard which has caused a number of serious accidents. Once New Walk is re-opened the previous ‘segregation line’ will not be reinstated.

Signs will be put up to explain that the section from Hospital Fields Rd to Blue Bridge Lane will now be officially designated as ‘Shared use’ (as is the case on Millennium Bridge), with appropriate signs at the entry points from side streets. However there will also be some cycle symbols at regular distances to encourage cyclists to stay to the river side of the path away from the steps and remind others to expect bikes. It will be much easier for groups of pedestrians (or cyclists) to spread out, and the territorial ‘bike space’ will be removed (to be much more like the situation on Terry Avenue on the other side of the river.)

There will inevitably be some who take time to adjust to this and your help would be with courteous and considerate use by all. Cyclists are encouraged to use their bell (!) and slow down when passing pedestrians, those in charge of small children or dogs are encouraged to be aware that cyclists will be approaching from behind as well as in front of them. The situation will be monitored, and it will take some time to re-educate some regular users into a more natural flow pattern with cyclists and walkers passing each other sensibly and with consideration. Perhaps this might be an opportunity for planned road safety discussions to be extended to include off-road courtesy? If you would like someone to come into school to discuss cycle safety, safe routes to your school etc please do get in touch and I would be happy to assist. This change has the support of Friends of New Walk and the council cycling and walking officer Andy Vose, but I am happy to explain the thinking further if there are any concerns from yourself or specific regular users.

Thank-you, Cllr Andy D'Agorne Tel. 07941 392667. Email