News just in - Theresa May has called an early General Election for 8th June 2017

19 April 2017

The Green Party has responded to Theresa May's announcement of an early General Election. 

Caroline Lucas MP has promised a 'bold, positive vision for a different kind of Britain' while co-leader Jonathan Bartley said that the Green Party would give people a 'real alternative to the politics of the past'.

 The York Green Party has responded:

York’s Green Party group leader Andy D’Agorne (who will be contesting the York Central seat for the party) said he agreed with Rachael Maskell that the decision for a snap election was reckless in view of the impact it is likely to have on resolving the crisis in Northern Ireland and the risks posed to the Brexit negotiations as a result of less time to conclude agreements. He said “We will be fighting for a new Environment Act and protection of worker’s and human rights to enshrine all the protections we currently get through EU Directives.” The party nationally campaigned to remain in the EU.


York Green Party members are meeting tonight to discuss their general election options but the party has already selected candidates for York Central and York Outer constituencies in anticipation of a possible snap election.

“ Our Spring Conference agreed scope for local parties to seek electoral pacts in marginal seats where there is potential under our first-past- the -post system for tactical voting in order to unseat Tory MP’s. However this will only work if the other main parties are willing to forego contesting seats where they are in third or fourth place” said Andy D’Agorne. Green Party leader and MP Caroline Lucas has written to Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron asking them to consider such arrangements in this vital election:  


Signed: Andy D’Agorne