The Green Party is its members

The Green Party is built on the passion of its members, who volunteer their time, generate new policies and lead on local campaigns. In York, our members are always actively campaigning on environmental and social issues and contributing to the local community. Here are just a few of the things we’ve been doing in the city. You can also find all our Officers and Councillors.

Electric bus in York (route 59)

Campaigning for better public transport in York.

Dave Taylor, as Lord Mayor, planting a tree

Improving the environment.  Here we see Dave Taylor planting a tree.

Opposing Fracking. Members have been active at Kirby Misperton and Preston New Road.

Demonstrating against fracking at Kirby Misperton

Campaigning for safer streets including 20 mph limit in York, better crossings and safe cycling provision.

Demonstration for 20 mph speed limit on Bishopthorpe Road

Green Party supporting York Pride

Creating equality. Here are Green members at York Pride.

Clean Air Day Gillygate

Campaigning for clean air in York. Poor air quality kills dozens of people in York every year.

Campaigning to bring power to people, and away from Westminster.

One Yorkshire launch at Bishopthorpe Palace

Campaigning against waste.