York Green Party


Officers of the party include:

  • Tom Franklin - York Green Party Chair
  • Vera Van Gool Vice Chair
  • Will Dyson - Treasurer and Assistant Campaign Coordinator: Distribution Management
  • Danni Makin - Minutes Secretary & Student Liaison Officer, York St John's & York College
  • Nicola Normandale - Membership Secretary
  • Jakob Fichert, Sam Biram & Catherine Love -  Media Team Officers
  • Sam Biram - Campaign Coordinator
  • Jake Furby - Equality & Diversity Officer
  • June Tranmer - Ward Campaign Teams Coordinator
  • Robin Brabham -  Student Liaison Officer
  • Tom Franklin - Regional Party Liaison Officer (& Regional Party Treasurer)
  • Rosie Baker - Office Manager & Volunteer Coordinator (& GPRC co-opted temporary member for national party)
  • Fundraising Officer-in Chief - Susan Ridley

  • Policy Officer - vacant

York has four Green Party Councillors, two representing Fishergate Ward, and one each in Micklegate and Guildhall:

Cllr Denise Craghill

Guildhall Ward


Cllr Denise Craghill

Cllr Andy D'Agorne

Fishergate Ward

Green Group leader

Andy D'Agorne

Cllr Lars Kramm

Micklegate Ward


Cllr Dave Taylor

Fishergate Ward


Dave Taylor

*NEW: See here for notice of Fishergate's regular new surgeries - come along to meet Andy to share your ward concerns/comments!

Andy D'Agorne was first elected in 2003, and was joined by Dave Taylor in 2007 when Dave took over the seat of departing Green Councillor Mark Hill. Andy and Dave were joined by two more Green Councillors in the 2015 elections - Lars Kramm in Micklegate and Denise Craghill in Guildhall.

Dave Taylor was chosen by other Councillors to be the first Heritage Champion when the post was created in 2008. Andy D'Agorne was the city's Cycling Champion from May 2009. All the Champion roles were abolished in 2011 after Labour took control of the Council.

Denise is a member of the Health and Adult Social Care Policy and Scrutiny Committee.

Andy is vice-chair of the Economic Development and Transport Policy and Scrutiny Committee.

Lars is a member of the Member Support Steering Group, the Communities and Environment Policy and Scrutiny Committee and the Corporate and Scrutiny Management Policy and Scrutiny Committee.

Dave is Chair of the Learning and Culture Policy and Scrutiny Committee.


Tom Franklin

Tom Franklin



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