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Jonathan Tyler

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for York Central

Jonathan Tyler, Green Candidate for York Central

Jonathan Tyler has been selected as the Green Party Candidate for York Central. Jonathan was a founding member of the Party (then called the Ecology Party) in 1976 and has extensive experience as a campaigner, candidate and organiser.

By profession he is a railwayman, specialising in strategic timetable planning for improved and integrated services across Britain's network. (He was also one of the leaders of the successful opposition to the closing off of York station with ticket barriers.) Started by a small group of concerned environmentalists the Greens are now the only organised political party with the imagination to tackle both the enormous risks to human survival and an unfair economic system.

Global warming, loss of species and biodiversity, damaging 'development' of much-loved and health-enhancing countryside, water shortages, ruthless exploitation of mineral resources, migration driven by poverty – all these threaten to make life very uncomfortable. It is not too late to change course, and the Green Party is confident that its policies for 'one-planet-living' will bring both a more stable and a happier way of life.

Not coincidentally, the economic system is also in deep trouble. Incompatibility between capitalism and true sustainability, gross inequality, rampant corruption and public alienation from a global system that they did not wish for are all increasingly apparent. The Green Party is committed to building resilient local economies to ensure satisfying work for every citizen, secure supplies of food, renewable energy and other necessities, and a society at peace with itself.

Jonathan moved to York in 1987 and has huge affection for the City, but he has profound concerns about its future. Chairing the York Environment Forum for six years showed how the City's leaders build policies on assumptions of economic growth that take no account of the need to cut carbon emissions or of the many other coming constraints on our lifestyles.

Green Party policies promote the common good rather than the interests of a few. So we will recycle locally-generated profits rather than allow multi-national firms to leach them away; our transport plans look after the safety and well-being of everyone rather than giving priority to cars; and our sense of what belongs with the community means public control of health, energy, water and the railways. And we are firm believers in devolving power to Councils and in ensuring that they have adequate resources to look after their citizens.

Watch Jonathan's 30 second pitch:

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