The officers are the people responsible for ensuring the democratic and efficient running of the party. They are:

    • Chair (Denise Craghill) has the key role of providing leadership, and chairing monthly meetings of members. The Chair will also prepare agendas, draft papers and strategies, support and co-ordinate communications across the party and between elected officers, volunteers and supporters. The Chair may occasionally act as a spokesperson for the local party, and takes a lead on responding to public and external enquiries. This is the person who drives the party forwards by ensuring activities are delivered, addressing arising problems, ensuring appropriate conduct, ensuring devised strategies are followed and generally accepting high level responsibility for the party.
    • Vice-chair (vacant) is a supporting role for the Chair, due to the growth of York Green Party. The Vice-Chair will take responsibility for bringing together items and papers for the agenda for the Chair and booking rooms for the various meetings for the party. The Vice-Chair will support the other officers such as the membership officer in conducting training for new members and ensuring volunteers are available to support the work of elected members. The Vice-Chair will also be responsible for the internal communications across the party both with officers but also members by ensuring items to be included into member emails are sent to the office manager and co-ordinating with the office manager more generally.
    • Treasurer (Will Dyson) is responsible for managing the finances of York Green Party. This includes managing the funds, financial planning and returns required under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. Good financial planning is required. (Deputy Treasurer Nicola Normandale)
    • Media Team (Andy D’Agorne) have responsibility for communicating with the media, so that local media have one point of contact. Part of this role may also include producing press releases, editing content of newsletters and websites, and checking any letters or other publicity that is put out on behalf of the local party by any other member. This role will be a co-ordinating role strongly supported by the Publication, Social Media and Website Content Team.
    • Secretary (Tom Franklin) York Green Party have a number of regular meetings and events too, where notes of actions and discussions must be made to record points for reference and review. Working together with Chair and Vice-chair to publish minutes to go forward to future meetings and also to publish on members Party website.
    • Fundraising officer is responsible for raising money on behalf of York Green Party. It is the task of the Fundraising Officer together with the Fundraising Team to deliver workable ideas to increase our potential budgets. The Fundraising Officer will work closely with the Treasurer, members and supporters who help implement the fundraising strategy.
    • Membership Secretary (Ian Carter-Brown) We have over 350 members and would like to grow the number. The membership secretary contacts new members to welcome to the party, informing them of meetings etc. and encourages members who have not renewed their membership to do so.
    • Campaign Coordinator (Denise Craghill)  works closely with the Chair, Councillors, Campaign Team and the Publication, Social Media and Web Content Team to develop the campaign strategy going forward and engage in ongoing campaign developments. Support the process of design, development and coordinate distribution of campaign materials and resources. Project manage and deliver campaign events, actions and other projects, including mobilising members and supporters for days of action.
    • Policy Officer (Ben Ffrench) The Policy Officer leads on making members aware of national and local policies, developing local policies including liaison with local policy interest groups and the development of key election pledges.
    • Student Liaison Officer The importance of engaging students at both universities in York and York College into both local and national politics is essential for the Green Party to make further electoral gains.
    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer (Rosie Baker) provides training and information to inform members about equality and diversity issues and to ensure that all activities run by York Green Party are accessible and representative. Beyond this the role is really open to development and to guide the other officers, councillors and members on matters as and when they arise.
    • Regional Party Liaison Officer (Tom Franklin) York Green Party is a member of the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Green Party, who co-ordinate regional elections. This role will be to build a stronger relationship between the two parties, which will be vital with upcoming elections such as Police and Crime Commissioner. It also helps us to support other local parties when they have elections and we don’t or vice versa.
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