Nicola Normandale

Deputy Treasurer

Nicola Normandale

I belong to the Green Party because I believe they are the only party that have plans for a future that I want to live in.

Energy conservation and renewable energy technologies in place of fossil fuels are well known to be a priority for the Greens, quite rightly, because otherwise there will be no future for the human race.

However, Greens are also concerned to improve life right now for everybody. They know that a society where people are more equal is a happier, healthier and wealthier society.

Greens advocate free, good quality, publicly provided education, healthcare, libraries, good public transport for all, affordable housing, a minimum wage that is a living wage and support for local, small and medium businesses. I believe that in a wealthy nation such as ours, these things are all easily achievable if we spread out wealth a little more equally.

I have lived in York for over 30 years, working in software development and IT support. I live with my husband, have two adult daughters who attended local state schools, and a grandson.

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