Sam Biram

Policy Officer, Campaign Coordinator and member of the Media Team

Sam Biram

I’m Sam and I was born in Micklegate. In fact, when I was only 6 years old, I remember being evacuated from our house on River Street during the 2000 floods. I associate my upbringing in Micklegate with the wonderful smell of chocolate wafting over from the Terry’s factory, learning to ride a bike in Rowntree’s Park and the fabulous community around Bishy Road charity shops. Of course, Terry’s and the charity shops have gone now, but you get the idea.

I’ve been a lifelong Green activist (being the son of a Heslington candidate!) and am active within York Green Party to this day. When we say “environment” we mean more than birds and trees, we mean anywhere that people live too. So, when I say “I want to make Micklegate a great environment” I mean I want to improve life for our entire community, whether human, canine, feline or something more wild.

I see improving our environment as a holistic process. We need focused task-and-finish actions like adding swings to the parks, or installing new bins. But we also need projects to improve the whole ward such as action for clean air. Micklegate scores disastrously for air quality and changing that will improve everyone’s health.

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